Kit & Supplies

Kit and accessories are available to purchase at Members’ Monthly Meetings.

Please note that we have now received the new SFA ties, and they will be available from Doug Hall Monthly Meetings. Ties are now available for ALL categories. Ties are priced at £4 each and the Cravats for Women are priced at £2. Any further questions please contact Doug.

If you require kit or accessories, please contact Doug Hall on:

M 07472451091


Full range of good quality ‘used’ kit in a range of sizes and various ‘new’ shorts and socks are currently available. Costs are:

  • Socks £1.00
  • Shorts £3.00
  • Tops (short and long sleeve) £5.00
  • Ties £4.00
  • Cravats £2.00
  • Training Kit £5.00
  • Kit Bags £10.00



  • Pencils (pack of 10) £1.00
  • Record Cards (pack of 25) £2.00
  • Whistle £5.00
  • Cards 50p Per Card
  • Wallet £2.00
  • Blazer Badges £4.50
  • Flags (pair) £5.00

If there are any items you would like the Association to purchase / stock please advise Doug.  We will do our best to provide for our Members.