Association Kit Stock

The association holds a stock of kit for members to purchase at reduced rates, and for new members to get started. A number of new referees are starting their careers, and we are running low on kit to supply them with.

If you receive/purchase new kit for this season, please provide your old kit to Paul McAvinue or bring it to training or a meeting to support new colleagues. Likewise if you have any spare or old kit lying around – we’d be glad to help you de-clutter!

M ‭07746 585258‬


AGM – New Management Committee

Management Committee Positions

At Monday’s AGM, the following posts were filled:

President – Calum Spence
Vice-President – Alastair Mather
Secretary – Roddy Cobb
Assistant Secretary – Andy Milne
Treasurer – Derek Mitchell
Minute Secretary – Ian Bailey

Management Committee Members:
Kenny Taylor, Iain Donaldson, Graeme Jack, Andy MacLean

We are all here to represent and support you so use us! Get in touch if you have any issues or feel the association could assist your refereeing in any way.

Extranet Reminder

Members are reminded that they should check the “Services” tab regularly to read the latest “Notices” to keep abreast of Scottish FA business.

Most notably this week is the addition of guidance for members wishing to officiate at a tournament outwith Scotland (eg Foyle Cup or Dallas Cup), and Social Media Guidance which should be adhered to, to avoid possible sanction.

If you do not have access to the Extranet, please contact us to get access as it is an essential tool that should be used. You should keep your details updated and upload an appropriate photograph of yourself.