Poll – Members’ Meeting Start Time


We want to accommodate as many of you as possible to attend our meetings and receive coaching.  There is a proposal to change the start time of the members’ meetings to 7.00pm (instead of 7.30pm).  Please respond to the question using the below link (it takes less than 10 seconds) to cast your vote.


Many Thanks.



Cat 5/6 Fitness Test

Message from Association Manager, Sandy Roy.
At the AGM on 7 May 2018, I expressed a wish to have more Category 5 Referees in the Association.
Martin Smith, AAFA Match Secretary, has confrimed that “Referee Category” will be one of the factors taken into consideration when making his weekly appointments.
There will be a further, and final, date for existing AAFA Referees to undertake the Category 5 Fitness Test for Season 2018-
19 – Thursday 6 September 2018 at Aberdeen Sports Village, commencing at 6.30pm.  Passing this would likely be beneficial for your appointments, and would indeed allow you to assist in the Highland League, if you wished.
To assist with the arrangements, it would be helpful if you were to advise me in advance if you intend taking the Test. However, no one will be turned away if they just turn up on the night.
The Test is being held in terms of the note in the Association Handbook which allows members who are unable to attend the weekly Training Sessions to undertake a Test to show that their alternative training sessions are maintaining an acceptable standard of fitness.
The Test requirements are as follows:-
Test 1 – Sprints – 6 x 40 metres sprints in 7 seconds (max 1 minute between each sprint)
Test 2 – Interval Run – 32 x 75metres run in 15 seconds, with 22 seconds recovery between each run.
On a separate matter, you will be aware that there is no AAFA Fixture Programme on Monday 13 August 2018.
This is a gesture by the AAFA to allow all its Referees to attend the August Members Meeting where Mat Northcroft will go over the Law Changes for Season 2018-19 and cover the Pre-Season Guidelines which the Scottish FA has delivered to all its Member Clubs.
This is a significant Meeting and I look forward to seeing you all in Aberdeenshire Cricket Club, Morningside Road, ABERDEEN AB10 7FB at 7.30pm on Monday.